Formed in 1933, Farm Fresh Food Suppliers, Inc. started out

as a small snack food wholesaler in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Merchandise was distributed to convenience stores, local grocery stores, and other wholesalers. Soon after, Farm Fresh Food Suppliers started processing various meat snacks under its own labels. Due to increasing sales, the company expanded to numerous facilities over the years, finally settling in its current location, in Amite, Louisiana.


Today, Farm Fresh Food Suppliers, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest processors of pickled snacks. Our company offers a large variety of quality pickled products in various sizes and tastes. Our USDA inspected facility not only processes meat snacks under our own brand labels, but we private label for other companies as well.


Look for all of our products, including our popular "Matt & Dana" brand snacks, at grocery stores, convenience stores, super-centers, concession stands, delis, and discount clubs all across the United States.


So try a taste of Louisiana today, and remember...

"In Louisiana, great food is not only a meal... It’s a tradition!"

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